Walk to Circle
for Android and iOS

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This app is made for walking and discovering places around you.

Why I made this app

My name is Evgenii and I’m the programmer of the Walk To Circle app. The reason for designing this walking application is pretty simple. I am one who definitely enjoys walking, every chance I get. For the longest time I had wanted to develop something that would allow me to find more satisfaction with walking. After all, walking can become quite boring, especially if you walk the same beaten paths day in and day out.

How it works

The circle drops in on the screen for a brief moment, illustrating where you should go. All that is required is for you to memorize the location and get to stepping. The app won’t allow you to go back and see it again so you simply must walk in the direction you feel it was placed. This is all at your leisure so there is no score to beat and no competitions to out do.

Feedback is welcome

You can download this app for free on Android or iOS and start a new walking experience immediately. It is my hope you really enjoy this and I’d love to hear back on what you think. You can reach me at evgenii.com.

Walk to Circle is open source

Get the source code for Android and iOS.